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Christian Rehab San Bernardino CA simplifies drug detox process

The ninety-ninth largest city in the United States, San Bernardino is the county seat for the San Bernardino County. Located 65 miles (105 km) east of Los Angeles and at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains, the city is the eighteenth largest one in California. Spanning nearly 81 sq miles (210 km2), San Bernardino is one of the biggest cities in the Inland Empire area.

San Bernardino, which has a 2009 estimated population of 207,832, is one of the oldest communities in California State. Other than this interesting feature, the city, nicknamed The Friendly City, has many other attractions like the Fox Performing Arts Center, the California Theatre, the Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art, Route 66-McDonald's Museum and the Santa Fe Rail Road Museum exhibiting artifacts of local history.

In spite of all these accolades, the residents of San Bernardino are having a hard time as the citys per capita income is $12,925 and 49% of the population lives below the poverty line. Nearly 24% of these constitute families. Homes within one mile (1.6 km) of the center of San Bernardino have an annual income of only $20,480, which amounts to less than half earned in the Inland region on a combined scale. Under such dire circumstances, people turn to drugs and alcohol to drown their sorrows. Even though people take up drugs as a one- time affair, they soon find themselves becoming slaves to the banned substance. It is in situations like these that the existence of rehab facilities like San Bernardino California Christian Rehab has been more important.

To help addicts give up the temptation of drugs, rehab facilities make use of the detoxification or detox method, whereby the banned substances a person is addicted to are removed from the body. The detoxification process is mainly designed to tackle the physical effects of drug addiction. It does not usually treat the other aspects of drug addiction like psychological issues and the reasons that led the person to turn into a drug addict. Christian Rehab at San Bernardino California combines detoxification methods and counseling sessions to help patients in the physical as well as psychological aspect.

Under the detoxification process, three steps are mainly undertaken to detoxify the patients body of drugs and other harmful substances. The detox process begins with evaluation, under which the addict is first tested to understand which all substances and in what quantity is present in his blood. The patient is also evaluated for related diseases, dual diagnosis and psychological/behavioral problems.

In the second phase, known as stabilization, the patient undergoes detoxification with or without the use of medicines. In most cases, however, stabilization is usually done with the help of medications. In this phase, the treatment and recovery procedures are thoroughly explained to the patient and family members are also involved to give courage and support.

The third phase of the detox process involves getting the patient ready for the actual rehab program. While the detoxification program caters only to the physical aspect of drug abuse, the mental and behavioral aspect of addiction can only be solved through counseling and therapy sessions offered by centers like San Bernardino CA Christian Rehab. Many centers make use of the currently popular detoxification methods like the Waismann Rapid Detoxification Method and the L. Ron Hubbard Rehab Method. .

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