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Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center
Transformations Treatment Center is a 30 to 90 day drug and alcohol treatment program that offers luxury apartments with private rooms available during treatment. Our program is designed to help individuals transform from active drug and alcohol abuse to a clean, sober, and successful lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of therapeutic programs to meet each of our client's needs. Our customized treatment plans ensure that each of our clients are provided with the necessary tools to stay clean and sober, build healthy relationships, find employment, and become completely self-sufficient. Our three-phase step down program was designed by individuals who have years of experience in the inpatient treatment component and the transitional housing component. After seeing the successes and failures of the two components, Transformations Treatment Center has combined the best of the two components to ensure maximum efficiency. Drug rehabilitation has proven successful over the years because people who have the disease of addiction and alcoholism truly want to stop using drugs and alcohol. Transformations Treatment Center helps the addict or alcoholic explore why they began using chemicals and why they have not been able to stop using. From that point, we educate the client on how to remain abstinent from all mind or mood altering substances and equip them with the necessary tools to achieve long term sobriety.
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